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How it All Started as a Small Power Wash Company

In 1992, Kenneth Bolsch was a high-school senior in New Jersey looking for a way to make a little extra money after school. When he learned he could rent a power washer, he went door to door asking residents in his hometown if they needed a deck cleaned or their siding washed. Eventually, he was able to start a successful small power wash company, which became Green Earth Powerwashing. If you are trying to figure out how looking to start your very own small power washing company, you have come to the right place! Contact us today.

Bolsch was born and raised in the hospitality industry. His father owned a multi-faceted catering business that hosted many in-house social and business events and catered to private and corporate jets out of 16 airports in the Northeast. After several years, the in-flight catering company was sold to the largest international in-flight caterer.

Shortly thereafter, Bolsch and his family were ready for a life change. “And that’s where I said, “You know, what can I do?’ I thought back to my high-school days and said, ‘Well, why not try power washing?’” Bolsch remembered. He dedicated his time to educating himself and completing extensive research to develop his business model. Once Bolsch created his brand and logo, he was off to the races building a low cost franchise. With a warmer climate in mind, Bolsch moved to South Florida where he could finally run his full-time, essential small power-washing company.

In 2010, Bolsch founded Green Earth Powerwashing, servicing his community in South Florida and working on everything from residential houses to commercial properties. He focused on providing great service along with outstanding results at reasonable pricing, which resulted in repeat business.

“Within the first two years, really, the company took off, and we started just catering to commercial properties and grew and grew,” Bolsch said.

Because of the small power washing company’s fast success and increased demand, Bolsch started to put the wheels in motion to build a low cost franchise opportunity to grow Green Earth Powerwashing. In 2019, the company began franchising. “We franchised right before COVID hit, and that kind of took the wind out of our sails,” said Bolsch. “But then, a year later, we sold our first franchise here in Florida to Broward County, and that has been super successful. We’ve since sold six more. We have Miami-Dade, Naples, Fort Myers, Tampa, and Treasure Coast, and Dallas is our first franchise out of state.”

The brand is currently expanding in the southern tier of the U.S., where the climate guarantees a year-round business, and further north to offer seasonal business options. As a home-based low cost franchise with low inventory requirements, Green Earth Powerwashing keeps costs down and margins high, with some jobs producing 70% profit. “It’s a service that pretty much needs to be done,” explained Bolsch. “Especially in the southern U.S., there’s a lot of homeowners associations that mandate this service, so we have a recurring business.”

Even with the slowed production of vehicles because of the pandemic, Green Earth Powerwashing has its fully outfitted trucks on hand and ready for the next franchisee to start almost immediately. The brand has the infrastructure to provide extensive training for franchisees to become successful members of the Green Earth family, with advertising programs and affiliations with national companies in place.

Green Earth Powerwash Franchise

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